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Low-Profile Window Well Covers

You don’t think about them often, but window well covers are a necessary element to any basement window well. They help seal your home from water and other natural elements while preventing critters and debris from getting to your basement window. At Window Well Cover, Inc., we specialize in low-profile window well covers to fit any size or shape well. Each design is custom-made to ensure a proper fit. 


Many basement window well covers look grimy and dingy because of the elements and inadequate maintenance. Further, many are old and may be outdated. If you discover a crack, gap, or chip in your well cover, you should replace it right away. Faulty covers put your home at risk of water damage and theft and could injure an animal or child that falls through. 


Whether you’re looking for a small or large window well cover, our designers can create one that meets your needs. We use durable materials to construct each low-profile window well cover to ensure they are built to last. With steel and plastic, we construct functional covers with clear or frosted glass. With a frosted cover, you may enjoy more privacy. 


A major benefit to updating your window well covers is added value to your home. They are an important feature for protection, and they don’t have to look unattractive. With Window Well Cover, Inc., you can get custom low-profile window well covers that are unobtrusive and complementary to your home. Our simple yet beautiful designs suit any home exterior. 


Finding a cover that fits is only half the challenge of protecting your basement. Properly installing one is also essential. You can rely on experts at Window Well Cover, Inc., to professionally install our custom window well covers. Make an investment in your home when you equip it with the right protection. Contact us today to find out how we can assist. 

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